Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing between the library / institution (Interlibrary Loan - ILL) is a collaborative service between libraries and institutions that allows patrons and users to request materials from their institutional library or from other institutional libraries through a mutual agreement.

  • Users can request the form from the librarian at the service counter and proceed to fill in the required information, such as author name, book title, lending library, and any other pertinent details.

  • If patrons and users wish to borrow the original version, they are required to bring the form and borrow the book in person. However, for those seeking a photocopy version, the library will facilitate the process and charge photocopying fees and the actual shipping costs as specified by the lending library.

  • Once the library receives the book, it will notify the users either through the SMS Alert service or other communication channels specified by the users.



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